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Sunday 19th of May 2019

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Here we go

Here we go Well it's time we get Flite-Tronics off the ground. We have several new products in development. They are all the highest quality. We have a new ARINC-429 USB module with two ARINC-429 interfaces and a USB3 interface powered by a ARM9 cpu. We also have a new MIL-1553 USB module in development. More about that later.
And for the sim builders we have a low price solution for driving a combination of alpha-numeric, seven segment, and or discrete leds. There are also a new Arduino prototype shields, they will be available for both the Duemilanove, and later for the Mega. We have redesigned the layout with room for standard Dip .030 spacing, with a power rail down the center, a 20 pin IDE connector for your I/O. Standard features include: FR4 boards, silkscreen, reset switch, and of course fully stackable. 140
Cris Harrison 2011-06-16 17:31:34
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